Day 26 – What are you doing?

This poem was inspired by a drama game of the same name. During the game students take it in turns to perform a simple action (such as brushing their hair) but when asked by someone what they are doing, they have to respond by describing a different action (“I’m eating a pear”) which rhymes. The game takes concentration and imagination and can be lots of fun – because whatever action the student comes up with, the next person has to act out!

I wanted to try writing a poem which worked in the same way but where the reader could imagine a story by reading between the lines. What was the dare in the poem? Did the writer mean to find a bear? How is the bear feeling? Will brushing the bear’s hair work, or is the writer going to be in big trouble? It’s fun writing without answering all the questions for the reader and it works well in poetry to leave that space for the reader to fill in the blank spaces.

Have a go at writing a poem using the same format – “I’m…” where all the words at the end of the lines rhyme.

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