Charlie has written a poetry anthology for 7-12 year olds called, “There’s A Poem In My Dungarees!”

Inspired by traditional childhood themes and everyday activities the poems bring a kaleidoscope of bonkers to the page leaving children asking themselves, can boys really be princesses and what does happen if your pants don’t make your bum dazzle?

Weaving through the anthology are poems which hold a mirror up to the gender stereotypes boys and girls still face today.

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Marvin and Marlene

I have two orange goldfish,
they’re called Marvin and Marlene.
It’s my job to feed them,
and make sure that they’re clean.

It’s a pretty big responsibility,
for someone small like me.
My dad says if I can’t manage it,
He’ll have chips and fish for tea.

The Cold

Sneezer Sneezer
Snot teaser
Tissue needer
Slime pleaser
Green geezer
Air wheezer
Cough breather
School leaver
Mum squeezer

Little Brother

He looks like you.
No he doesn’t,
He looks like his dad.
Look at those eyes
They belong to his Uncle Jack,
He’s got his granny’s nose
As long as he ‘aint got your webbed toes!
Whose hair is that?
I think your Great Grandfather has those freckles.
He looks like his Big Brother.

No he doesn’t,
I say.
He looks like a frog.

That shuts them up.


Clean your teeth
Brush your hair
Don’t shout at your sister
Will you tidy up these toys?
Get your bag
Eat more peas
Listen when I’m talking


The one time I boss back,

It’s all,

‘YOU didn’t say please!’