The Menu

This poem was inspired by our son’s love of baking, cooking, tasting and creating some truly unique dishes! The Menu In my kitchen I can makeChocolate soup, Ice-cube pie,Spaghetti with banana. Sandwich milk,Carrot toastAnd dinner for a Llama. Yoghurt eggs,Avocado cake,Cereal with jelly.Bacon LemonadeAnd tea served in a welly. The specials arePasta, served with broccoli flavoured lollies.Continue reading “The Menu”

The Chapter Book

I have loved writing picture books over the last year – they have proven themselves to be far more complex, exciting and demanding than one might believe of a story, especially one where so much is told through the illustrations and their interaction with the words.  For now though my picture books are resting –Continue reading “The Chapter Book”


This weekend was our son’s fourth birthday. From his younger sister he received a goldfish tank and we all took a trip to the local pet shop to purchase three new family members: Sugar-puffs, Muffin and Garage. Gold fish are the archetypal children’s pet and I have fond memories of my own goldfish from yearsContinue reading “Goldfish”

Once upon a time…

Whilst visiting a children’s play area this week we stumbled upon this chair and it got me thinking about beginnings. “Once upon a time” is an opening synonymous with fairy tales. We instinctively know which characters to expect, rule of three to pop up and of course, a happy ending – all those expectations fromContinue reading “Once upon a time…”

Just Read

They say if you want to write well, read well. Read often. Read everything. Read good writing and not so good writing. Read. Read. Read. Getting transported into a good book is one of my favourite feelings. I have lost count of the times my husband has walked in on me sobbing, clutching a bookContinue reading “Just Read”


Teaching children at primary school how to edit their work is not an easy process. For them, the first draft is the only draft. “You asked me to write a story about a mythical creature, Miss. So I did. Now it’s done. Is it break time yet?” Something happens quite early on in children’s learningContinue reading “Editing”

Website Why?

After reading several articles which declared that all writers should have a website – whether published or not – I decided to take the great plunge into the vast ocean where dreams come true. So I followed the WordPress step by step guide and, with an ease which surprised my technophobic brain, made aContinue reading “Website Why?”

Are we born poets?

Were it not for gestures and a particular pair of socks it would have taken us much longer to decipher that the word ‘Zu-Zu-Zaw’ in our two year old’s newly forming repertoire was in fact the embryonic stages of what would later grow and become, ‘Dinosaur’.  As teachers, my husband and I are great championsContinue reading “Are we born poets?”

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