Charlie studied Drama: Theatre, Film and Television at the University of Bristol, graduating in 2008.

She learnt about wagon theatre (theatre on wagons) and always thought it sounded quite dangerous. She’s glad that times have moved on and there are more practical ways to share your work.

As a drama graduate Charlie is not afraid to stand up and laugh at herself and believes it is an important message for children – to see adults having fun. With that in mind, Charlie is in the process of recording some of her poems and uploading them to YouTube, where there are no rickety wooden wagons in sight.

Happy Talk – Podcast

Charlie co-hosts a Podcast with her husband, Tobias. It is a family friendly feast of positive news stories from around the globe.

Happy Talk #003 Happy Talk

In the third episode, Tobias and Charlie share another batch of news stories to make you smile. Hear about the unusual contents of a plant pot, the surprise guests on a video conference call and those making a difference to children in areas of conflict. Don't forget to subscribe to the show or email us with any comments (including your vote for best story) 
  1. Happy Talk #003
  2. Happy Talk #002
  3. Happy Talk #001
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