Charlie has always loved schools, as a student and as a teacher. The corridors and classrooms have become like second homes to her and she is always delighted to be invited to visit and share her writing with children.

Charlie is a passionate advocate of sharing poetry with children and the wealth of learning which can come from reading, writing, performing and listening to poetry.

Her experience in teaching, from EYFS to secondary, including Special schools and further education for adults, means she has a broad knowledge of the National Curriculum and understanding of how literature is approached across a variety of ages and settings.

For more information about school bookings, please send Charlie a message using the contact form below.

“We so enjoyed Charlie sharing her poems with us. Children were very engaged during the assembly and inspired to write their own poetry afterwards.” Mr Fish, Headteacher at Over Primary School

“I thought the poems were really funny. I don’t usually like poetry!” Josh

“The poems were spectacular – I really liked them.” Sophia

“Charlie was really nice and funny and she explained things well. I really enjoyed her poems.” Darcey”

“I liked her poems because they inspired me to write one about my cats and my family!” Etty

“I liked that she told us what inspired her and that they were normal things. Charlie was really nice.” Honey

“She has inspired me to do poetry – I would like to have a go at some descriptive poetry. She made me think that I can give poetry writing a go.” Caspian

“I like how the poems were really funny and that they were just about normal everyday things but she made them funny.” Michael

“It was really fun and it was lovely that she could come out and share her poetry with us. It was good to see an author read their own work. It was really funny.” Ethan

“She is one of my favourite poets!” Finley

“I really liked the way she read the poems. She had some really good ideas about what to write poems about.” Rayhana