Day 25 – Half

When we talked about how my husband is half Danish, our son looked at him and, after a pause, asked – ‘Which half?’ – it was such a brilliant question. This poem was born. When I read it to children they always love to tell me about their own heritage and culture, their links to other countries, whether they were born in a different country or they have a great-great-great aunty who once lived in Australia; they always have brilliant stories to tell. They also love to tell me how they are ‘divided’ up – “I’m half English, quarter Irish, quarter Australian and another quarter American!”, one little person once told me!

Write a poem about YOU – what makes you, you? It could be things you like (or things you don’t!), or perhaps you have an interesting story to tell about where you come from? These poems are great to read and share to learn about each other.

On the topic of other countries, WordPress (who my website is made through) reliably informed me yesterday that people from the countries listed below have popped by to take a look – so I just wanted to say, thank you! I still can’t really believe that copies of my poetry book are in Denmark, America and Hong Kong at the moment being read. It is always amazing to hear from people across the planet that they are enjoying my writing – thank you!

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