Day 30 – Writing Competition

I expect I have romanticised the idea of being a writer. I had visions of long afternoons sat in Parisian cafes whilst writing in beautiful notebooks, or writing retreats in quintessentially remote English cottages where I am woken with birdsong and ideas aplenty.

The reality is one of grabbing five minutes at the kitchen table amongst the chaos of life, or starting writing at 8pm after a day of work. Nevertheless, the reality is just as good as the fantasy because I AM WRITING. This month I set myself the challenge of writing a blog post everyday and now that month is almost done I wanted to share the news of a poetry competition I am helping to judge.

If you know a 4-11 year old who wants to have a go at writing poetry then please pass on the information! I love writing, but the teacher in me also loves inspiring others to write. I hope some of my blog posts this month might have done that. I will try and keep them up, but I suspect the frequency will drop a bit next month as I work on a few other projects – including this fab competition:

For more information please check out the:

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