Day 13 – King

I recently showed our son a picture of him holding his little sister for the first time. It was taken almost three years ago. He’s five now and when he looked at the photograph he casually said, “I was a king that day” and then carried on playing. My heart exploded with the beauty of his words.

I love poems about sibling relationships – especially the funny, ridiculous, hard, frustrating moments siblings experience, but capturing the more loving and caring side of those relationships can be tricky. As always, with children’s poetry, I think it comes down to how you capture the voice of a child within your poem.

An adult watching siblings play would write a very different poem from a child experiencing the play. That is why writing for children is so much fun – you get to summon your inner child. I was given the key line for this poem from a five year old – so I grabbed it, stole it and wrote with it in mind. Would I have thought of that if I had written the poem with an adult hat on? Perhaps not.

Have a go at writing a poem about children interacting, using your inner child’s voice to bring out the magic of childhood.

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