Day 20 – Doodles

Our internet has gone down and I am unable to post the poem I planned to share today – it will, however, be here tomorrow!

Instead, I was looking through the photos on my phone and found this doodle our son did:

He handed them to me earlier saying, “This is a tomato with a beard and this is a ghost who is happy because it is Christmas.”

Children have the best imaginations! How great would a poem about a ghost who loves Christmas be? Let alone a tomato with a beard. His drawings also feature a “happy pyramid” which is littered with poetry possibilities.

Drawings can be a great way into writing, especially for visual learners or those who find it easier to express their ideas with images.

If you’re someone who normally works with words, have a go a doodling some ideas first. They may surprise you!

Try the “tomato approach” – take an inanimate object in your home and bring it to life. Perhaps a shoe listening to headphones or a grumpy chair.

They might not all turn into poems, but I bet they make you smile!

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