Picture Books

Charlie is not an illustrator. Her head, however, is full of pictures which tell stories. She has written the following picture books. If you are tempted by the blurbs then please do get in touch to request the manuscripts.

Stop That Baby! 

A skateboarding, dolphin-riding, rocket-launching Baby goes on an amazing adventure but will he make it home before bedtime? We need your help to Stop That Baby!


Sometimes all you want is a nice big slice of Cake. Croc has searched everywhere but all he has found is a whole heap of trouble. Will he ever get his Cake?

Just Percy 

When Percy gets a letter from the King and Queen he can’t wait to deliver the Royal Mail but then things start to go wrong. Can he remember what makes him the world’s best Postal Pigeon before it’s too late?


When the school Friendship Bench creates a surprising friend, Sam thinks he couldn’t be happier. But then a new girl starts and she’s all alone. Or is she?

Big Little Seed

What happens when you ask for a super, huge, colossal present for your birthday but all you get is a teeny-tiny little seed?

The Un-Noisy Rooster

Rufus looks like a rooster. He walks like a rooster and he thinks like a rooster. The only trouble is, Rufus doesn’t sound like a rooster.

Bedtime Stories