Creative Writing Ideas

Creative Writing Ideas

Ideas for writing can come from anywhere. There are always stories waiting to be told and you could be the one to tell them! Below are some starter ideas for creative writing exercises. Why not have a go? I’d love to read what you come up.

Write a story or poem about a group of eggs forced to live in an egg box together.

How do the different personalities get on?

What do they talk about?

What can they hear from inside the box?

Try a different paragraph for each egg’s perspective.

What happens when one of the eggs is removed?

Who is this guy?

How did he end up here?

What’s his plan now?

Perhaps he needs to find something, escape someone or discover a secret.

Write one story with him as the hero and one where he’s the villain of the tale.

Write about a journey.

Who is on the journey and why?

Write about a journey which lasts one second, or one year or one lifetime.

Have a go at writing the story in reverse – take us backwards from destination to starting point.